Once Upon A Time – How the VISUALIZER Storytelling Technique can help you WOW! your customers

Date and Time: Friday, March 11, 10.30-11 am in the eTravel Lab, Hall 6.1.

Mihir Nayak is a Marketing Speaker, Travel Journalist, Visiting Lecturer, Hotelier, Consultant and Author of 3 books.

In this practical lecture cum workshop, Mihir Nayak introduces you to his VISUALIZER Storytelling Technique of WOWing customers that he developed after spending over 10 years in the tourism industry. You will learn to identify your best customers, zero in on their wants, create compelling stories and communicate them using new media such as blogs/video/photo sharing apps. 

Best practice examples will be taken from a wide range of fields including hotels and tourism destinations. In addition, examples will be crowdsourced from members of the audience to depict how the VISUALIZER technique can be easily applied to any situation.

The aim of the workshop is to help you improve your target marketing techniques using the VISUALIZER method, leading to more satisfied customers, and in turn, increased profits.