Prepared by experienced chef, CHRISTINE DENNEY, our Spa Cuisine is a delicious reward for your efforts.

In conjunction with a single menu plan, the wellness professionals at The Oaks do not use the word “diet” in the conventional way. One of the most often heard appreciations regarding our approach is that: “All of the work has been done for me. I don’t have to think about what I’m going to eat at each meal, and it is presented beautifully and as an example of a healthy meal. The portions are reasonable, and I am never hungry.”

The Oaks is proud of the sensible nutrition that it offers, and although we are driven by calorie-consciousness, fitness and health are always the goal. Our meals are balanced, low in salt and sugar and with a special attention to the good fats needed to fuel an active body and mind. Our meals are dominated by fresh fruits and vegetables. Entrees feature lean proteins utilizing poultry, seafood and plant-based foods . Whole grains, beans and seeds complete the palate with the use of quinoa, brown and wild rice, whole wheat , rice or black bean noodles, barley and a wide array of protein and fiber rich beans.

Sample menus are available on the link below


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